17. September 2014


Nine Amazing Places to View the Northern Lights

Nine Amazing Places to View the Northern Lights

Take a long look at any traveler bucket list and it’s likely that seeing the Northern Lights is a big priority, if it hasn’t already been crossed off. This natural phenomenon lights up the sky with beautiful greens, purples, reds, and yellows, and is caused by the collision of solar wind with magnetospheric charged particles (don’t worry – that’s the sciencey bit over and done with)! Although it’s best known for its northern cameos, it can be witnessed in many different areas of the world.

Named after the Roman Goddess of dawn, Aurora, you’re more likely to catch a glimpse of this natural light show where light pollution is low. Normally, you’ll see the lights between 5pm and 2am, when the sky is clear. The lights aren’t very predictable – so luck has to be on your side – but they are more commonly witnessed between September and March in northernmost countries.

Sweden – Torneträsk

Northern lights, Torneträsk, a wonderous place

Up in Swedish Lapland, Torneträsk is a picturesque lake, even if ‘träsk’ does mean ‘swamp’ in standard Swedish! You’re most likely to see the lights on a cool, dark night with little moonlight and clear skies. In the winter, Torneträsk often freezes over, so you will enjoy the Northern Lights from a frozen wonderland.

Sweden – Jukkasjärvi

sweden 2

Another Swedish lake, Jukkasjärvi used to be a Sami marketplace and is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. However, this destination is best known for its iconic Ice Hotel, which has become world-famous for its amazing architecture. Every year, this jaw-dropping inn is rebuilt from snow and ice, including the chairs and beds.

Artists from all over the world are asked to create individual, annual decorations – there is even a bar with glasses made of ice! The Ice Chapel is a firm favourite for marrying couples, even if the structure remains below freezing at -5°C (pretty chilly!). From this frozen palace, you can also catch the Northern Lights when it occurs.

Iceland – Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park

iceland lights, a mountain thing. Probably a great view though!

Þingvellir is one of the most popular destinations in Iceland, and for a good reason! It’s home to Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland. It also boasts one of the oldest parliaments in the world, Alþingi, which was established in 930 and stayed in this National Park until 1798.

There are great hiking trails and camping grounds, as well as scuba diving for the very brave! Seeing as Iceland is so sparsely populated, light pollution is unlikely to be a problem, making this one of the best places in the world to catch the Northern Lights.

Read the rest of this post here. This article is courtesy of http://www.cruise.co.uk/

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2. August 2014


Interview with YouTube Superstar Joe Miragliotta

joes daily

Men’s lifestyle blogger and YouTube mastermind Joe Miragliotta knows a thing or two about creating captivating video blogs. He also knows a thing or two about airports — that’s because he practically lives in them. I recently sat down with Joe (metaphorically speaking) to ask him a few questions about his rise to stardom, and he was kind enough to answer my meandering inquiries.

What made you want to start a YouTube Channel in the first place? 

Like most YouTube viewers, I started watching funny little viral clips my friends would send me. Every now and then I would come across a person talking to their camera and found myself captivated with what they had to say. To think a person who is by no means what we would call “famous” was able to gain such interaction and praise from viewers had me intrigued. It introduced me to a new kind of audience, an audience I could speak to directly like we were having a friendly conversation.

How do you think the content of your channel has changed over the years?

My content has changed A LOT over the last few years. The main thing would be quality from the video productions, topics, and how I present myself.

Do you do all your own video editing? If so, do you ever get tired of having to do it, day in, and day out?

I do all my own editing. It’s hard to say I’m tired of doing it since it really doesn’t take too long. Thankfully I know the ins and outs of working with editing software. But I will admit if I were able to just let go, and not be a control freak, I would love to pay someone to edit for me.

Your channel has the occasional “Would You Rather” episode, in which you stand with a few friends and answer generally insane questions. You must receive submissions too crazy to even mention on your show. Where could one read these? 

HA! Believe it or not I don’t have much of a filter. That is actually one thing I should work on for the sake of brands because I tend to use the whacky Qs. But if I were to direct you to a place where I sometimes answer insane questions it would be on my Tumblr (joesdaily.tumblr.com). I get some pretty whacky anonymous questions. Other than that, next time I ask for “Would You Rather” questions on Twitter, just check there.

Joes Daily

Joe Miragliotta and a friend laugh during a “Would You Rather” segment.

Your men’s lifestyle blog, JoesDaily.com, paints a picture of a blogger who travels constantly. How many trips do you take over the course of a month? 

I love traveling so I’m happy you actually picked up on that. Lately I’ve been traveling a whole bunch. I would say on average it would be anywhere from 2-4 trips a month. Sometimes they are local, though. For example as I answer these questions I’m heading off to a Scion event in an Uber. God bless technology.

Months ago you left your full-time job (because the company you worked for crumbled) to pursue being a full-time entrepreneur. Was this transition easy for you?

Great question. And yes, I’ve been extremely fortunate for the support I’ve had behind me on this new venture. Basically all the clients I worked with under the business that crumbled decided they wanted to stay with me since I was the one who took care of them day to day. Long story short, I would have done this a LONG time ago if there weren’t legal issues with leaving a company with clients.

You’re the co-host of 60SR, an amusing Youtube show that covers celebrity news and gossip. One of the episodes begins with you saying, “Miley Cyrus tweets a photo of herself in bed with Harry Styles? Liam, if you’re watching this, you might want to put your ear muffs on.” Do you write your lines or work with a group of writers on this show? How many hours a day do you have to spend reading celebrity gossip sites in order to stay in the loop? 

I actually do write my own lines, hence the crappy one liners. I’m not too into pop culture like I use to, but I do love the occasional gossip story, so I would say I spend at least 30-minutes a day browsing those type of sites.

Another episode of 60SR ends with you saying, “Selena Gomez, call me.” Did she ever call you, and if not, is it possible that you didn’t try hard enough to make sure she saw that particular video?

Oh boy. I’m not even sure what I would do if Selena was into me. I didn’t even tweet at her the video. Probably because I would be too embarrassed for her to see it, haha. And no, she didn’t call.

Sometimes your videos contain important public service messages. In your Doritos Massacre video, which you filmed in Vegas, you advise your audience to drink responsibly. I thought the point of Las Vegas was to be as irresponsible as possible. You disagree?

You’re right, Vegas is all about being irresponsible. I think in that video I was in a state of regret: slightly hungover and not remembering how I destroyed the Doritos. My “drink responsibly” message was more of a shout-out to myself saying, “hey let’s not do this again.”

You recently launched a website called Mens-Lifestyle.com, sort of a Pinterest for men’s lifestyle blog posts. Why did you create it, and how epic would you like this site to be?

I created the men’s lifestyle curation site because of the way I think people are using sites now. In my mind the steps most go through when viewing a site is like this:  IMAGE > CATCHY TITLE > CONTENT. Very rarely do you see people share something with a lot of text and no images. Because we are becoming a more visual society with all of the tech at our finger-tips, I wanted a site that is visually exciting without the BS. If you see an image you like, you scroll over, read what it is, and click to check out the article. Ideally I’d like the site to be a daily ritual for the male 18-40 demographic.

Joe Miragliotta, thanks for taking the time to talk today.

Sure, Will. Anytime.

Be sure to subscribe to Joe’s YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter, @JoesDaily.

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4. May 2014


Goat Simulator: The Craziest Game Ever Made

Goat Simulator seems to have been created as a model of the Internet: make everything as crazy as possible, have nothing make sense, and make it as fun as humanly possible. In this game, your protagonist goat has near omnipotent powers, destroys pretty much everything it touches, and is impervious to damage. Enjoy this video of TeamFourStar member Lanipator playing the game as his character Vegeta from DragonBall Z Abridged. When a comedic voice actor meets a comedic game, comedy is sure to happen by default.

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2. May 2014


Foreign Languages Are Funny

Let’s face it: when people don’t talk American, it frustrates us. It’s almost like they don’t want us to know what they are saying. But sometimes, the tongues of Europe can actually be quite entertaining, such as watching the German dubbed edition of Star Wars. Darth Vader sounds even more terrifying in this classic lightsaber duel scene, like some sort of fascist robot from Hell, while Obi-Wan Kenobi sounds even cooler than the sultry sounds of Sir Alec Guinness, which didn’t seem possible initially. But Darth Vader’s voice…yeesh. It’s enough to give you nightmares. Enjoy!

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30. April 2014


Awesome Sports Montage

Sports represent everything that is good about humanity. The display of skill, endurance, dedication, and heart is why the turnstiles keep turning at stadiums and televisions remained tuned to the games despite ever increasing costs and complications. Sport is emotion laid bare: the exultation of victory, the joys of accomplishment, the desolation of crushed dreams, and the sadness of defeat, all on display for millions to see. We see in sports what we wish we could see in ourselves more often, which is why we watch. The above video is a spine tingling compilation of some of the greatest moments in sports, representing the spirit of why we play, and why we cheer.

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28. April 2014


A Marijuana Multiple Choice Test

Whether or not you’ve noticed, or cared, the freight train of marijuana legalization is gaining momentum. With Colorado already allowing John Q. Public to purchase the Wacky Backy and more states considering similar ballot measures for the upcoming election year, it is not a movement that can be ignored any more. Which is why organizations like Hemp.ly are currently trying to raise awareness about the benefits of nationwide weed legalization through videos like this nugget, in order to make the public more involved in the democratic process and to help them make their dream a reality. Check out the video, and if you would like more information on how you can help out, check them out here.


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27. April 2014


JagerBonds: Collate, Categorize, and Quantify Your Night Out on The Town

Have you ever thought to yourself: Wow, I take lots of pictures when I go to parties, but they end up all over the place because I’m too drunk to properly file them? Have we found the app for you! As detailed in this video by Joe’s Daily, JagerBonds, presented by Jägermeister, is a free app for your smartphone that allows you to set a specified time period in which your party will commence, and the app will automatically gather together all photos and video your phone takes during that time period into a succinct slide show, allowing you to relive your night out complete with a soundtrack of your choosing. It’s a really cool app that should allow the recording of your all night excursions to be accomplished just a tad easier than before. Check out more from Joe’s Daily here, on Youtube.

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1. January 2014


Sports Go Sports!

Sports, Go Sports! Athletics are Number One! Garfunkel and Oats’ latest anthem just gets better as it goes along and should probably be played in stadiums across the country.  Loudly. At ear-piercing volume if possible. Here’s a lyrical highlight:

“May the competitors you prefer
best their opposing equivalents:
So you can somehow feel connected to the feat of your self-appointed constituents”

This song ought to be sandwiched between Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” at sporting events across the land, but will it? Well, it’s going to be up you, Golden Twist reader to make that happen. Petition the people who run the music at your local stadium, right now.

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18. December 2013


Before and After Drugs Photos, But Not the Kind You Think

We’re used to seeing devastating photos of people’s faces and bodies horribly disfigured by drug use. You know, the before photo of the perfectly normal, attractive twenty-something who, in their “after drug use photo” looks like an eighty-five-year-old homeless person. That’s the story the media loves covering. Hey, look at these perfectly normal people! Now, look at them after a few hits of crack! They’ve turned into hideous monsters.

But what about the flip side of that? What about the people who were heavy drug addicts until they started treatment–treatment that helped them achieve full recovery. The below photos tell that tale. And what a tale it is. The ten people in the following photos were big-time drug users until they made the conscious choice to turn their lives around and seek treatment. We here at Golden Twist thought the photos were remarkable.

via Recovery.org

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10. December 2013


Hemp.ly Wants to Give You Money for Helping to Legalize Pot

What if you could win money by helping to legalize cannabis? Now, you can. That’s the premise behind Hemp.ly, a pro-pot legalization website that launched this week. When you sign up to the site’s mailing list to receive pointers about actions you can take to speed up the legalization of weed, you are automatically entered to win $1,000. How cool is that? Very cool.

So, go to hemp.ly, and sign up now. The sweepstakes runs until January 15th.

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